Shane Duffy

Online business in Ireland, takes the day off.

Posted on: June 15, 2007

Hosting365 were plauged with problems today, and hunderds of business suffered.

At about 10:40 this morning after running some new test services on our staging server the machine went offline, First thoughts… new service instance was buggy and somehow ate the machines CPU or Memory causing the crash. So off to to see if I could get a reboot from support…. only to find their website didnt work.

5 minutes later, was pointed to Hosting365 Status page to find out it wasnt just me beenaffected this time but rather they had another powerfaliure in just under a year. It was around this time last year when there was a fire in the business park and the ESB substation was shut down causing a day of outages. Right now, their status blog entry detailing this problem (and how the repairs are coming along) has 190 comments and 8 status updates.

Power Unplugged

“Update – 11.18am – Power has been restored. A further information update will be posted as soon as we have more information. Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused here.”

Starting with this update which would lead you too believe that your server would be back online right away, Well it just wasnt the case, with 7 more updates following and 6 hours passing before the server came back online. Each of the updates saying they had fixed something and that only moments later your website would be back online, each one leading to a period of waiting before the next update which told of the next issue fixed but still no server online.

All this from a hosting provider who boasts of a 100% uptime and power SLA.

100% SLA on Connectivity

hosting365 is responsible for maintaining internet connectivity to your servers.

Loss of connectivity is deemed to commence when a fault is notified to support and ends when connectivity is restored. This does not include loss of connectivity due to hardware issue or server mis-configuration.

100% SLA on Power

hosting365 is responsible for maintaining electrical power connectivity to your server. We maintain power to your server 100% of the time in each month. This does not include failure due to hardware issues on the server itself.”


1 Response to "Online business in Ireland, takes the day off."

Hi Shane,

Sorry for the issues you encountered today. I didn’t look at the status page updates the way you describe above, but now I understand your frustration. The intention was to keep an information flow, not to have people on the edge of their seats expecting everything back working in seconds.

In reality, when the power came back we expected everything to be fine. The knock on effect it had on powering servers down instantly, mean’t some did not come back correctly, and each one we fixed highlighted another problem. Everything is back now, albeit that email is incredibly slow due to the load the server is being put under.

Again, apologies.

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