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CurrentCost Electricty Meter

Posted on: March 14, 2009

For a while now I have been looking at different products which can provide an insight into electrical energy usage with a realtime display and preferably a link to a computer to provide logging, graphing and analysis. Just when I though I would be building my own with some current induction clamps I came across which provides a energy monitoring device which can be plugged into a computer using usb port (Serial over USB connection).

CurrentCost cc128 Energy Monitor

CurrentCost cc128 Energy Monitor

I ordered the device after emailing the company and discussing my needs and figuring out what I would need to monitor a 3 phase power connection which I have at the house. The currentcost setup is really simple it is a basic induction loop in the form of a cable clamp which is placed around the power cables in your meter box and connected to a transmitter box. The receiver is a nice display which can store historical data and show current energy usage and give a guide cost of the usage.

I think this device is a very cool idea as it also the basic user to get an idea of whats wasting electricty even when they are asleep at night and for the more advanced user it also provides access to data every 6 seconds and monitoring of up to 10 individual devices through the base station. The device allows you to see how much a device uses by showing your the changed usage when you switch something on like your dishwasher.

I have only been using the device for a few hours now and im really liking it already, Spotting lots of devices which are left on all the time wasting power and costing extra for no reason. I can see loads of usage for this and will be creating a few applications for this device.


1 Response to "CurrentCost Electricty Meter"

Dear Shane,

can you please send me the compiled flex cc128 app. so that I can run it with Air under SuSe11.1.
Would be very nice.
Thank you in advance

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