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This is a quick follow up post to my earlier one about creating timemachine backups on a network share.

A good tip/trick for anyone who has setup backups to a network share is to disable spotlight from indexing this volume as it slows down the backup process a lot. This can easily be disabled by going to the spotlight panel in system preferences.

To avoid this slow down, as soon as the share is mounted for the backup process go to Spotlight’s Privacy panel in System Preferences. Use the ‘+’ button at the bottom, select your backup share, and Spotlight will then ignore it. If Spotlight has already started indexing it, it should immediately stop and the backup will speed up.



Having got a CC128 currentcost energy monitoring device recently and have been playing with it writing some nice new software but the main aim was to cut down on the power usage which comes from leaving devices plugged in and not used around the house.

The currentcost device needs to be plugged into power which limits where you can go with it and its makes it a bit unfriendly to go around the house finding devices which are using power.While doing some research for writing my application I noticed this picture with a battery pack powering the currentcost unit.

For any one who wants one this is all you need.

  1. Battery pack
  2. DC Power Plug 2.8mm
  3. PP3 Clip + Cable

Very simple to put together and you will end up with something which looks like this and can be used to power your currentcost while you move around the house finding devices which are using power.

Current Cost Battery Pack

Current Cost Battery Pack

Sorry for the bad photo used the phone as I was too lazy to get the camera out.

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