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This is a quick follow up post to my earlier one about creating timemachine backups on a network share.

A good tip/trick for anyone who has setup backups to a network share is to disable spotlight from indexing this volume as it slows down the backup process a lot. This can easily be disabled by going to the spotlight panel in system preferences.

To avoid this slow down, as soon as the share is mounted for the backup process go to Spotlight’s Privacy panel in System Preferences. Use the ‘+’ button at the bottom, select your backup share, and Spotlight will then ignore it. If Spotlight has already started indexing it, it should immediately stop and the backup will speed up.





With over 300 new features:

They ones that appeal to me there most are

Quicklook: Using Quick Look in Leopard, you can view the contents of a file without even opening it. Flip through multipage documents. Watch full-screen video. See entire Keynote presentations. With a single click.

Quick Look works with nearly every file on your system, including images, text files, PDF documents, movies, Keynote presentations, Mail attachments, and Microsoft Word and Excel files. Just tap the Space bar to see a file in Quick Look, or click the Quick Look icon in the Finder window (if it’s not there already, add it by selecting Customize Toolbar from the View menu in the Finder). Then click the arrow icon to see the same file full screen — even video as it plays.

Spaces: You do a lot on your Mac. So how do you keep order when projects pile up? Easy. Use Spaces to group your application windows and banish clutter completely. Leopard gives you a space for everything and makes it easy to switch between your spaces.

Boot camp: Leopard is the world’s most advanced operating system. So advanced, it even lets you run Windows if there’s a PC application you need to use. Just get a copy of Windows and start up Boot Camp, now included with Leopard. Setup is simple and straightforward — just as you’d expect with a Mac.

Dashboard Webclip: Clip out any portion of a web page and turn it into a Dashboard widget. Just click the new Web Clip icon in Safari and select the portion of the page you want, then click Add to see your Dashboard spring to life with a brand-new widget. The widget is “live” and will update as its page of origin does. You can even customize your widget’s frame.

Instant Screen Sharing from the Finder: Start an interactive screen sharing session with other Macs on your network. Just select the Mac from your sidebar and (if authorized) you can see and control the Mac as if you were right in front of it. Change a system preference, publish an iPhoto library, or add a new playlist to iTunes.

Smooth Zoom and Scroll: Smoothly zoom and scroll through even the largest image files. Preview uses the power of Core Animation.

Enhanced VPN Client Compatibility: Connect to a broader range of VPN clients. Leopard supports Cisco Group Filtering as well as DHCP over PPP, which allows you to dynamically acquire additional configuration options such as static routes and search domains.

Merge All Windows: Combine all your open Terminal windows into a single window with multiple tabs.

There the features I will be using the most. As soon as I get my copy of Leopard I will write a review of the install process for you.

Just downloaded the lastest release of of Ubuntu. And decided to install in under Parallels of which Im running the current latest version 5162. Unbuntu installer just seems to lock up while trying to install with no errors or warnings and can only be recovered by resetting the the VM.

There seems to be a number of users on the parallels support forums reporting the same problems and posting work arounds of installing Ubuntu 7.04 and preforming a distupgrade to get the latest version install.

For now Im going to poke around with the install some more and see if I can come up with anything that would help anyone else having the same problems.

Updated: See Ubuntu 7.10 install guide parallels 
and Installing ubuntu 7.10 on Macbook pro (parallels)

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